Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lessons Learnt

Lesson Learnt # 1

Had a SCARE of mi life yesterday morning!Bro been complaining of insomnia,late night chills, fever that came and went, headaches at night, fatigue, swollen tonsils, excessing coughing and sneezing, feeling of a thick lump in throat, hurts when you swallow, wheezing at night and almost daily bleeding from the nose (somehow i only knew about the daily bleeding today, boy did i smack myself for not being more attentative to him). went to a Ear Nose Throat specialist in KL. the first few sentences doc said and asked, "do you have any trouble with your hearing?" *alarms sounded* (what???), next few sentences was "...could have something growing in there affecting the pressure behind ear drums...could lead to cancer...." (oh HELL NAW!). after x-rays and a scope check, wheeeeeeewwwww! turned out to be a sinus infection (treatable!!!) after 2 deaths and 2 cancer cases in the family(all happened in the span of 2 1/2 years), u can only imagine what Dad, Bro and myself was feeling, especially when we were made to sit there for 3 what-may-seem-like-ages hours waiting for the doc to call his name again.

Here is what we call CHAIN REACTION of Sinus Infection.
Excessing sneezing and blowing of the nose -> causes blood vessels in nose to bust, hence the bleeding -> excessing bleeding (you also lose Iron when you bleed) which goes down to throat (bacteria) -> the pressure from the sneezing and blowing affected the pressure behind ear drums, causing abnormal readings on the graph -> infection from nose spread to throat and can also spread to ears if not treated in time

symptoms (we experienced) are as above in the first paragraph

for those with sinus problems due to allergies/genetics, im sure you already know your causes of sneezing

1 - you have freaking house termites living everywhere where there's dust, the more dust, the more termites! (including your bed! eeeeeeeeks!) hence the bacteria

2 - allergies. What are you allergic to???

3 - nose picking (well that wont really cause sneezing but it will sure as hell scare the crap outta your blood vessel sack in The Nose, not to mention the bacteria on your finger(s) that were placed comfortably in The Nose)

4 - you were around someone who was infected (bacteria attack!)

Doctor said this infection was caused by bacteria, which could be anywhere!

Treatment? - given some antibiotics and allergy pills. also maybe a laser procedure to patch up broken vessels

Lesson to be learned? (or learnt) - dont hold your nose when you sneeze that would cause excessive pressure on the ear drums. (well this lesson for bro and i as we have that stupid habit of not wanting nose crap exploding everywhere when the sneezing hits ya). other than that, it is SPRING CLEANING time in the house! (pooooooh!)

I love you Bros!

Lesson Learnt # 2

TAKE GOOD CARE OF THY CAR, no matter what a POS(Piece of S***) it may be =P
otherwise, the POS is sucking ur wallet dry any damn ways!

Yesterday i had to take the car to the shop because my signal lights decided to stop working. the worry-some me knows that in this country with no signal lights, you might as well be dead. even with signal lights ppl in this country turns a blind eye anyways, can u imagine without? =P

anyway, it seems like every time my car goes into the shop with one problem, your mechanic calls you to report 5 to 6 other problems. (mind you, this is the 5th time i gotta cough up over RM500 in a single car shop trip!)
if it aint the AC, it was my brake pads, if it aint the tires, it was my brake pads, if it aint the absorber bar, it was my brake pads, if it aint my battery, it was my brake pads.... yes i have had to have my brake pads changed almost 9 out of 10 of my car shop trips (although it most possibly be because i brake super hard when idiots in front of me AINT GOT NO BRAKE LIGHTS as WARNING!). aite bla bla bla...last few trips cost me about RM1050+,RM700+,RM550+, this trip cost me Rm602 (to be exact) *looks in the hollow wallet full of receipts and 2 pieces of notes* (wonder how long i can live on this damn PB&J meal plan...)


Accept the reality of people. They would steal anything! from the boxes of plain cloth laying around to the pencils on your desk! So keep the shit closely to thee in any public environment! ( i should have learnt this when i had 2 mp3 players stolen from car, money stolen outta my house by a "friend", underwear stolen by sicko FEMALE, my Ja Rule CD stolen by goddarn redneck in cafeteria, mask gone at the party, watch my shower gel and shampoo holders stolen bit by bit at my previous work, towels at previous work always gone missing, and FOOD stolen from my desk! not to mention the countless number of pens that have bid me farewell)

Lesson Learnt # 4

No more Last Minute Shopping for costumes, materials and Get More ManPower if things done last minute is inevitable! the Whole Day of Rush Rush Rush, i think our team's blood pressure had certainly sky rocketed that day!
on a brighter note, Viva Vertical's first member's party had finally happened and we left satisfied (except for our stolen items). We were immensely proud of your gutsy contestants and performers in our Beginner Viva Diva Pole Dance Competition! Not sure if anyone can understand it easily because it takes major guts for our beginners (who have been pole-ing for a max of 5 months only) to go up on stage in front of an audience and bust out their hard practiced routines. Naughty Nastacia gave a bodi-licious performance, wow-ing audience with her natural flair and the Splits! Our Male Performers Mash and Trix surprised the audience with their hip hop infused Pole Choreography. Am really looking forward to our year end graduation party now with more dymanics to come!

note to self: must start putting more pics in blog. quite bland i know =P

Mama Min's Delicious POLE-Cake (no left overs of that one!)
Photo by Mama Min

Viva Vertical's Double Dynamic Duos

Viva Vertical's First Male Performers - Mash and Trix

Fantastic Make Up Art by Mr Chu Fan of Shu Uemura

Thanks A.Tan for Camcording and Chris for snapping photos!

Due to me running around without the camera in my hands, not as many photos as i would have love to have taken. So anyone one else who took tons of shots, please dude, SHARING IS CARING ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Funny Bone...s

Yes MaMa, updating blog today! =P

Been feeling an odd tingling in the elbow joint lately and also both knee joints. my initial thought struck at...Arthritis! (runs in family) lets hope i don't strike gold there and its just joints "overused" for the past few weeks. Most health mag/paper/readings are saying take this for stronger joints, after reading more about the purpose of this, I think we just have to take care of our dear old joints the safe and effective way through strength training programs designed to do so, adjust simple activities like Climbing a flight of stairs. NOW, most of us have a habit of Plopping our feet on each step as we heave our body (which always seems so heavy when defying gravity,duh) up those darned stairs. TIP: decrease the impact to your ankle-knee-hip joint by merely placing ball of feet on each step only and using those calves and quadriceps to motor the body up, keeping heel off or soft on landing. great exercise for those leg muscles! ;) i think i will only resort to this when in great need of pain relief =P (bought two elbow joint supports and hope they work! they sure are expensive too!)

the "No Pain No Gain" saying still stays fresh on The mind. In most exercise and sports, there bound to be SOME pain. Although The mind can be quite powerful, tricking the body to feel the fine line between pleasure and pain. I truly believe illness can sometimes be cured by the mind, Grandma had survived breast cancer and is still refusing surgery on both knees when docs had said with that Bit of synovial fluid she has left, she's very much in pain. With her strong will in life and religious beliefs, she had shown great example on overcoming physical pain and leading a normal simple life. or in other words, stubbornness can be numbing though beneficial at times.
Funny how things work out for the better sometimes...

Examples of No Pain No Gain:

- acrylic Nails. the electrical filer sends sharp shivers up and down my spine to get the acrylic gel placed perfectly on there. what does my nail technician says? NO Pain No Gain

- my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. 3 besties came to support me but poor babies ended up with bruised hands from me squeezing the bejesus out of them.well, No Pain No Gain

- Restaurant Work. busting tables at 14 aint the most glamorous jobs in the world. scalding your hand with boiling soup from fatigue and stress being rushed with orders after orders while being on your feet all day carryin heavy loads of trays then end up with side jobs of mopping floors at the end of your shift aint the best choices of activities on the growing body.just do what u gotta do to get by. No Pain No Gain

- Weight Training. Those sets and reps til we feel the Burn Burn Burn to the point where you can lift even halfway anymore - to exhaustion! DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness) aint your best friend, but the results are. No Pain No Gain

- Pole Therapy. The screams that slip out of your mouths when a "virgin" part of the body had first encountered a very "close" interaction with the pole, DOMS comes in this as well, the mental frustration on being so close to that new trick you've trying to nail but ur body's fighting exhaustion.Finally, Voila! U did it! and all pain has been forgotten. NO PAIN NO GAIN BABY!