Saturday, May 23, 2009

To-Do List

30 priority on To-DO List...

The initial plan of doing 15 tonight....

Gone with the wind...

done 1:05AM >_<

well now TWO...though blogging was not on priority list...

just need a migrane reliever...

Ranting may help...

for now i only have my Piece of Mind from Origin...

*stares at pile of work* Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

need to RUN...want to hit the treadmill...but have work to do...but need exercise to release...but cant release cause have work...but need to release....

*now wish i have my 24hour gym back home in knoxville to hit*

my never ending battle with time and unexpected interruptions...

i will decide when the alarm goes off at 830AM...

well now it shall be 730AM... unexpected task popped up

on a sunday morning -_-

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I keep Losing...

i wear them DAILY!
yet i keep looosing them!?!
It's like every trip to the washing machine then out and to the hanging rack then back to my laundry basket, socks somehow SOMEHOW gets lost in transit

my long lost friend...
everytime i make a date with it, i end up FFK
Anything from long distance phone calls to urgent emails to send to piled up work...
if only i can have one whole day with you...just one whole day

i am completely WHITE apart from my very very dark arms! (thanks to half of my everyday spent in the car BAKED in heat Stuck in awful-time-wasting-KL Traffic)
Pool-Sun-Bikini -> WANTED

the Journey continues....til i WIN!
Grab a MUG and clank it babbaayy!

Viva Vertical POLE STARS Update!
Now you get to learn more about your favourite VV Pole Star!
Follow their Pole Journeys HERE to Pole Stardom!
Support with your comments and online feedback ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Viva Vertical Pole Stars:Malaysia Talent Showcase

Em@Lola surfaces Blog-world again!!
(i know im a terrible blogger, i need to have a device where it'll translate my daily blabber from mouth to blog post window, wouldnt that be wooonderfuuuull!! fingers can rest...haha)


Yes been caught up with lotsa Pole work, including the hottest excitement ever - VIVA VERTICAL POLE STARS!
Met all (but one) final contestants yesterday and i could so feeeeel the excitement! (as well as nervousness, reminds me of how bonkersly nervous i was on my first pole performance, worm-knots and butterflies were mating and growing in the belly causing all sorts of flutters!)
but hey these gals and GUY had guts to submit their submission and major pole kudos to them for partaking in their first ever VV Pole Competition! =)

Check out for links to the contestants blog pages where they are required to blog daily on their Pole Progress and ALSO for your neverending support!
YES these upcoming Pole Stars will be having a "fan" base ;D
so click-ety click away!
Group rehearsal vid-logs will also be updated on VVPolestars page so be sure to keep visiting =)

In the mean time, i'll do best to keep blogging matter short or long...

On a personal note, am still salsa-fied.
you must be thinking SSHhhhheeessh with only 3 "official" salsa lessons on ur belt and u wanna go check out salsa clubs??
i dont caaaaare, good or bad, Em is Luvin this Heat ;D

OOOOOH, and COOKIE still needs a home!
Cookie is a super uber cute kitten rescued from damansara uptown(with the help of Foo Foo >->)
if i wasnt resorted to stayin with grandma temp i'd be able to have pets in the crib
CAT-LOVERS and CAT-CAREGIVERS! Please help Cookie with a safe warm loving home =)
how can you resist a face like this???

Jon Ong the upcoming STAR!!!
was such a change watching Jon on stage singing and stringing away on his guitar than a stainless steel Pole.
Once i can convert this darn avi file for upload (youtube is rejecting it) will share with ya'll =D

on another note of our Music STARS: (newest update)

a bunch of us recorded digital wishes and all compiled by a very amateur EM (amateur as in that was the first time i actually used more than 2 features on imovie. i know...epic fail!) and Thanks to Naughty Nastacia who took the time to introduce me to the many wonders of imovie! ( me interested in doing more vids now...first need materials...pole-vid-log? )
Check out Vee's Birthday Wish Vid here:
Thank you Viva Familia, Amigos Y Amigas for making Vee's Birthday Wish a memorable one =D