Thursday, August 28, 2008

Please sit and relax...

telling myself to sit and relax, well ATTEMPT to, have been quite important lately to ensure i dont lose it and go berserk. now piled up with unexpected bills and extra household responsibilities, i feel that im falling behind and just fighting with patience to stay on top of things.
INSURANCE in this country is the absolutely shit i've experienced.Its like blows to your stomach one after another as you are told that this is not covered and That is not covered, then also to find out ur insurance agent did not do a good job in getting everything covered that you have requested when signing up - great to know after shit went down and u have no choice but to cough it up. So while watching the $ tank shrink and having to deal with ppl telling you anything that is remotely reimbursable would take one freakin month, i must say i have done a pretty good job in not succumbing to the urge to light up and puff my tensions away

People, it is very costly to be injured and be forced in for surgery. unless ur loaded ,financially free and have extremely high tolerance to pain, Please Take Care of Your Body! These crutches are not the funnest toys in the world...

so instead of turning to my former ciggy buddy, i made damn sure to take it out on the cardio machine and give it a good sweat. It aint bullshit, exercising really does help. Just like when i found out about an exboyfriend's drug&whore act years ago, the 24hour gym was my immediate stop and i ran the fastest i've ever ran on the treadmill at top speed out of anger, frustration & betrayed emotions.
So DONT take it out on yelling at your friends/family, DONT take it out on binge eating or emotional eating, DONT take it out by drinking urself silly til u puke ur guts out, DONT take it out by immediately puffing through one whole box in one sitting, DONT take it out by whacking ur pets or ur loved ones....
DO SOMETHING BENEFICIAL TO YOU & YOUR BODY and Mental Health in the Process...
Once you've taken the first step in it, the rest of the journey wont seem as hard anymore

That reminds me of my love for the road. What also calms me is taking a drive to no particular destination, just me, my stereo and the road. Back in Knoxville, my Mazda MX6 "Honkie" and Honda Accord "Blue Baby" had kept me sane. (yes i named my cars! =P ) Didnt get a chance to name my Ford, too short of a relationship with it since the Hit&Run accident the first 2 months i got it. Anyway, aaah..the roads in Knoxville...wide...spacious...FREE of Crazy Malaysian drivers (t'was a good thing i learned how to drive there rather than HERE!) I loved every minute of my drives. Road Trips were super fun for me =) Road Trip to Manhattan,New York, Philly, New Jersey..New Orleans,Louisiana...Myrtle Beach, South Carolina...even closer cities like Birmingham,Atlanta,Memphis i took joy in......EXcept for the one time i got pulled over for speeding on the way to Memphis. 3 cups of coffee black at the gas station didnt quite cut it for me leaving about 4AM for a 6hour drive to memphis by myself.
Road Trips in Malaysia? Hmmm... driving to Penang i enjoyed. went thru a period where i was driving up there almost every other weekend for almost 3 months so that was my therapy. of course until i got pulled over (AGAIN!) for speeding, later also found out i was mailed TWO other speeding tickets. my total came up to RM900 for speeding alone!!! yes, helplessly I went to the "balai" to request for a "discount" =P payin RM650 was better than paying almost a grand (plus i had parking tickets...tsk tsk tsk..)
SO NOW that my driving therapy has been robbed from me with the crazy-all-for-my-own Mentality out here, POLE was able to replace as Therapy =)
Back when Vee was training me, even though my schedule at the gym was so packed that i was avg abt 8 to 10 clients a day, i would still make time to drive(ok i was speeding there most of the time) to Segambut and bust in her door for Pole Training

So Cant drive anymore, gas price went up its a dirty environment. BUT NOT OUR POLE LESSONS!
Hehehe. Looking for Therapy? POLE THERAPY, PEOPLE! =D

'Tis a dirty environment, i said. I was driving with the window down after class at The Ladies Club last Mon, felt cool after a good hard rain. Then all of sudden,at a stop light, i hear a bike reving next to me. Turned my head only to find two dimblewits in Pizza Hut Uniform on a Little Scooter whistlin and hollerin "YEEEEHAAWWW" AT ME! i wasn't sure if i was dumbfounded at this incredibly hilarious sight or was overcome by feeling of insult but i winded my windows back up took off once the light gave a green go. sure enough the dirty scums followed me down the main road til i head out to Penchala Link. Screw the window down breeze people! They may say that turning off your AC saves the earth, but having the window down may give you easy access to scums-on-bikes! yes i had also realized that i gave a very easy pathway for bike-robbers to whatever i had on the passenger seat.

Jon and Adam are in Singapore and Malacca for a whole week. I got worrysome, got tons of "what ifs" crossin my mind in regards to their safety and well being..... keep telling myself, you learn as you grow. Adam is getting older and not my baby brother anymore so just gotta learn to let him go as he begins his journey of independance. Already went thru that with Andrew so this time wasn't so hard. Boy cant wait to have kids now huh =P

Vee got back from the Big Apple and presented such a wonderful piece of BIG Reese's!!! =D We IS Reese's Lovers!

Lastly before im out...
Get a pack of Clorets Fresh Mint Candy as admission and be ready to put that fresh breathe in action! It'll be a night filled with Pole, Beautiful People and Great Music Entertainment ;D
See Ya'll There!


钟宗宏Ivan said...

Pole? Interesting blog!

PauLiiiiiNeeeE said...

Pole therapy huh? sounds interesting. i do beating up poor Patrick Star therapy..XD

Look at the bright side in life! :D
Blue cheese looks funny.
Thank god for yellow cheese. XD

Ashleigh said...

Pole dancing!! Wow!! I'd love to learn it. How much are the fees? Where is the center you go to? =)

LoLa said...

Hi Ashleigh!
in Malaysia, VIVA Vertical is the place to go to!

Email me for class info/schedule/fees...etc =) so i may reply you on your email ;)

Looking forward to have you join us, ms part time pole dancer! ;D