Monday, January 26, 2009


Yes finally decided it should be "OK" to take one night off of PC work and blog!

First let's welcome a house guest of ours! lil Piper! JonO's sugarglider while he's we're pet-sitting!

Chinese New Year has arrived again, this time not so much of a BIG BANG but perhaps its due to economy? I aint much of a celebrator myself, it wasn't til am back in KL experiencing CNY again in 2005 that i learned more about this traditional celebration. Every year i learn something new about this celebration, like you are to wear certain colors on certain days of CNY depending on your chinese sign! Though the process is ALWAYS the SAME! you go house hopping, see relatives you hardly ever see except during CNY, so every year its the same conversations going on. I do wonder if this is the only time most of us get to relieve the guilt of not visiting the peeps whom you should be seeing more, by spending at least half a day at their crib eating, drinking, gambling and talking about the same thing they did last year.
then you have the closer families whom this is the only time of the year where everyone's able to get off work to gather with the rest of the fam for some good ol' quality catch up.
from the 4 years of house hoppin and relatives visiting (i skipped one when i worked thru cny =P ), i feel perhaps this year is most rewarding with the relative visiting...
Role of mom was played today and took the bros out,Got to rekindle with my Aunt from mom's side and her big family on the first day of CNY (i know i know, traditionally you are to go to dad's side on first day bla bla bla...but wit a what you may call "dysfunctional" one, things are to change =P ). she welcomed us with such sincerity that i felt really guilty for not having taken more time visiting them throughout the past 2 years =/
going back to her place brought back so many memories for the bros and i, as we pretty much used to camp out there when mom was living here.

the only thing that sucks about me and cny is that i dont usually get to enjoy all the food!!!

example was cny eve dinner! 2 small servings of Yee Sang and half a bowl of sharksfin soup and i was already full!! =( ended up with one piece of every dish for the dinner only , but hey thats good enough! had hit the gym the next day...felt like a real blubber! Yee Sang is definately something i look forward to every year, the only time where everyone's chopsticks get together for some food tossing! (which really is what it seems like =P )

VEE is finally back from her long absence! made a house call (which so happenes to be like 5min away from my Aunt!), stared at the food cause we couldnt eat no more so tried to make some dough instead =P

played..well..made some "Dong Dong Chiang"sounds on the drum set...

then off for some drinks with the SIS and the BROinLaw @ Quattro


SHANGHAI NIGHT FOR VIVA POLE OUT ON JAN 30TH YA'LL! see the Facebook page for Details!



viva diva said...

tong tong tong chaaaaaang!

Fiona-Jane said...

You've got a sis??????/

breadpitt said...

hey , bump in by coincidence, ...saw u in gym ...dint know u are a dancer.... cool...!