Friday, March 28, 2008

LoLa's First Blog!......on this page =P

I admit, I've been an off and on blogger for a few years now. Started in Tennessee when JC introduced me to XANGA, eventually got bored then it was a series of Windows Live Blog, Myspace Blog when I moved back to finally on BLOGGER! yes yes, me must stay on this one =P

Now for a lil bit of intro (aint a fantastic writer here so pls dont mind my writing =P )
I moved to Tennessee, US in 1999 and came back to my roots in KL end of 2004. I've always love dancing, started young at 12 when I took Ballet (but only lasted a year before I had to move =/ )
Dancing lessons in TN? my learnings would originate from clubbing @ various types of clubs as a very young teen =P
Life in Tennessee was filled with much exposure to many more kinds of Dance, with LINE Dancing being one of the most popular in the state.Then there was the very different yet immensely popular Urban Hip Hop, had friends who would love showin off their Crip walks and harlem shakes, there more moves that would just blow ur mind! =P Hip Hop there is pretty different from what Hip Hop is perceived in Malaysia.(go check out them YOUTube vids & you'll know what i mean) One of my favourites also includes a very modern way Ravers express themselves thru trance, house, drum n bass, funk.....all in all - techno music.
I know I know! most of ya'll be thinkin "Feng Tau" music whilst hoppin up & down like a drunken monkey, as for those who've seen it, very similiar to what was titled "melbourne shuffle" but with less of the constant shuffle and incorporated more with flow of the body.

Aite, so that was a lil sneak at my exposure out west. As we go along on the blog, I'll progressed to our present times and future dreams. Now I tend to be a lil rough with my words at times but hey, we gotta stay real, right! So please ya'll, dont be offended or take any words personally, 'cause really, out to get you? that aint why I'm bloggin =) Smilez! PEACE!