Saturday, April 5, 2008


What seemed like a new lesson to try out for fun turned out to be a discovery of the inner "fitness soul"...was how I started Pole. Though majority still loves to badger on the stigma of Pole Dance, its the truly adventurous, gutsy, confidant and receptive to modern growth in society that have the GUTS to step foot in the circle of PoLe and accept it as being more than a bar show in bangkok.

I must say i was immensely impressed with the response of Malaysian women AND men who have visited us. Yes we have guys who have been inquiring as well as training at the moment =) and NOT GAY! hehe. Other major nations have already adapted this sport (China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong...) and am proud that Malaysia gets a seat on that list.
Of course you still have the percentage who blatantly refuse to accept the idea of Pole Dance being other than strippers trying to make a buck. We cant change their thinking by talking, its the "showing" that does the work =)

Can Pole change a person? physically, yes! mentally, definitely(well, maybe not a complete change but a great self-discovery and builds great sense of determination)! its what we call Pole-Therapy! I used to have super long tired stressed out days but after only an hour of Pole-sweating, much better and cleared thoughts!that a sense of self achievement does wonders psychologically and its way better than prescribed drugs for super stressed out peeps. its hours of hard work and actually SEEING your result! ur become more positive and more confidant...shall i say its a "Pole-Makeover"? ;)

Pole for the soul, ya'll...


Min said...

Hey Em, I so want to start pole dancing lessons! With my 30-something-years-as-couch-potato-turn-health-freak body, it'll take a lot of practice. How to practise in between lessons ah?