Friday, June 6, 2008

Sleep?Hormones?Mood? = BLEH!

yes, BLEH is how i'm feeling right now...

Can't pinpoint exactly what my body's going thru at the moment but signs are there:

1 - The same weight that i've been pushing before in training, seems heavier now. My usual dumbbell squats of 70 to 80 pounds now feel like tons of concrete! takes a while to gather up energy before performing jump squats and tuck jumps n lets not forget the longer resting-in-between-sets time.

2 - Loss of appetite. also,one bowl of oatmeal now fills me up for about 5 hours (it used to last only 2 hours!). Taste buds completely whacked out (things dont taste as good as it did before). i am maintaining water intake, just pee more =/

3 - Always feeling sleepy/lethargic during the day, just not at night

4 - Because i'm not feeling sleepy at night, I CANT SLEEP!

Insomnia hits me off and on ever since childhood though i dont think its too serious as i've heard of worst cases before.for me,the trouble is actually FAlling asleep, though once I'm asleep, I'M OUT! (well usually...) only thing that wakes me up is a Sudden Loud Unfamiliar noise, noisy moving bed partner or mosquitoes. YES once im woken up from the itch, i cant fall back asleep! kinda sad when i get asked, "what kept you up last night?" FREAKIN BLOOD SUCKING MOSQUITOES! This may run in the family as both my bros face the same problem (maybe not the mosquito part but just cant fall asleep!)

Sleeping Aids Tried:

* Nyquil (drowsy cough syrup) - had to take it even when aint coughing. The Doxylamine succinate helps
* Benadryl (drowsy cough syrup) - my option in Msia since they aint got Nyquil here
(UUGGHHH!they are both very very very disgusting!!!)
* Benadryl Allergy (drowsy) - no allergies. just the ingredient aids to sleep
* Sleeping Pills - now of course it is not sold over the counter in malaysia. i bought it easily off the shelves at WAL-MART.although tolerance build and it stopped working on the 3rd night. i would not up the dosage anymore so just stopped
* Tried something my bro had that sometimes help him sleep - i fell asleep alright! but woke up 3 hours later WIDE AWAKE!

OK aint a druggie here so i did try aids that doesn't require any medication
* Staying up the night before so i would tire myself out - turns out i ended up NOT sleeping for 2 nights in a row =( BOOOOOO!
* Staying up for TWO nights straight - ended up with very cloudy and confused head when i did wake up from the 3rd night of napping on and off
* Relaxing Music of Nature - could only lay there for about 5 mins before it creeped the hell outta me =P
* Reading - it helped when i was a kid. now its stressful to focus on reading at night i end up MORE AWAKE
* TV - certain shows (travel & cooking) with monotonous narrating and light background music been helping so far. til the program changes to a screaming horror commercial or a loud-overly-excited Japanese fishing show(on AFC about 4 or 5AM) comes on and BAAAM! IM UP AGAIN!
* Lavender Scents - smells good! but IM STILL AWAKE

ODD things that have worked before but only DURING THE DAY
* After being stuck in traffic
* Riding as a passenger in a car, stuck in traffic
* Attempted learning yoga & pilates on DVD years ago. only got thru 10 mins of the DVD...ZZZZZZ
* About 2 - 3PM, Sleepy hits!
* Blogging - like now...eyes are droopy -_-
* After a good sun tanning session (aah, how i wish to be by the pool or be at the beach right now)

Now all the BLEH feelings could be because of LACKING SLEEP, sets off a chain reaction. DUH~!

Problem hope to be solved by a - a sleep specialist in the country...if there even is one here...(music of "DOOOMED"!)


**a night of "M'sia representin" @ Aloha's Hennessey Artistry

Been sippin on sum Hennessaay!

and the responsible (NON)drinkers...(uh,that my wine =P )


Crazee Patches said...

We normally can't sleep if thoughts are racing through our mind.You need to clear your mind of all & sundry. First, scribble down briefly what you have on your mind - tomorrow's appointments, mental notes to do this & that, how you feel... Then lie down & force your mind to think of a blank piece of paper A4 size. Images, words, thoughts will try to appear on the paper. Push them away! Consciously block out everything.. Think white, only white, pristine white. Think of that white piece of paper. Focus. After a while, your mind will get so bored, it'll just zzzz.. Wish you sweet dreams.. JK

LoLa said...

aha! that would be one too, i'm usually running a mental stream of things to do the next day. Thank you for the tip JK! =)

Mama said...

You've got your answer right there! Watch yoga DVD lol

Seriously, one thing I've learned from my brief 3-month course is the Corpse Pose. Helps tremendously. I'm usually buzzing after decorating cakes. Physically and mentally exhausted but still buzzing. So, I lay down and start relaxing myself from the toes up and I'm usually out before I reach my hips...