Friday, July 11, 2008

Keepin it Up...

am really not good at this keeping-up-with-my-blog thing.maybe its the thought of sittin down for over an hour typin away while my short attention span leads me to surf the net while typin, hence why it takes AGES for me to finish one freakin post!

FOCUS!... -_-

Lets start with some Viva Pals! The kids were over from Seremban for Hip Hop Class with MASH. (they are the cutest lil dancers, and mind you, They're pretty good for Ages 8-11) It was Lil Lois's Birthday so joined Crystle "CiCi" n the lil crew for Korean BBQ in Hartamas

See i said i would take a pic of mi food =P forgot again tho at Marmalade. Pietro guided us to the one in Plz Mont Kiara (and we thought it disappeared after dessert bar took over the spot!)

~Low Low Low...~ finally got to see Flo-Rida Live @ Hennessey Artistry Event with Mash,Point and IVI! Haven't seen any international artist in a while since Kanye West visited KL,tho i do wish things weren't so censored and sheltered here that even the hypest artist can have one of the most tone downed concerts. Hard to feel the hype when ppl around you are so worried about their so called "image", they hardly move two toes around! missin the days of Afroman(well not too much,too much smokey smokey in thurr), Twista(except it Rained that day!), Paul Oakie, G Acosta, DJ Icey, Moby, Anthony Hamilton...
Well now we're in Malaysia and we have our one and only Point Blanc Reppin! =) How sweet of him to come "entertain" us that night =P

We had our first POLE-OUT session last Fri @ Mardi Gras (1Utama) =) just a night where polers from different classes and polers from other places get together and jam the night away. After the band (what seemed like ages...) was done n DJ started spinnin, we got our Pole on =P the crowd must have had a feast for the eyes! all 4 poles must have had at least 3 polers on it & next to it! next time wont forget my shoes, ended up going in sandals =/

THank you VV Divas and VV Hunks who came together that night!Looking forward to our next Pole-Out which will be coming soon! should be the 2nd fri of Aug ;)

Big Ups to the ladies who took the time to learn the choreography and recorded to submit their Pole Vids for the Clorets Amateur Pole Dance Competition!
May check out the posted entries here

More pole videos for inspiration?

To finish up this post, Here's the pic of the post...

POLE WITH YOUR LIL BUDDIES! * in case she's too small for yo eyes to see, That's Trix's POODLE in my Free Hand - MISA!...that extra hand in the photo would be Trix on Standby if Misa Squiggled* =P