Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Only in Asia

INTERNATIONAL MUAY THAI SUPER FIGHT held on July 5th @ Stadium Melawati

My first ever live match.Not much of a follower, just thought it'd be a nice first experience.What a pain it was to get there though, no one i had asked knew how to get there so decided to cab it. called 3 taxi service before finally having taxi available. got to shah alam area, Taxi driver turns around and goes "where is stadiun Melawati?" i could have smacked his big fat head silly! why the F*** would you pick us up not knowing where the hell you're going??? anyway, finally got there! i was all pumped up ready to watch some ass whoopin. event scheduled to start at 6:30PM. However, this "Malaysia timing" was applied again. The entire event was waiting on the VIPs (could also be known as Very Idiotic Pigs)to open the event, guess who was late? The chief minister of Selangore and his ppls.LEAD BY EXAMPLE mah... Finally events starts(almost 8PM), followed by Ring Divas riding with my GodUncle's Harley D Crew's (see these bikes reving engines i can take, lil scooters out on our KL streets revin their lil toy bikes i can scream).

not very good pics taken, still waiting on goduncle's pro pics

Wont go into details with the fights, all in all, Zidov from Contender Asia lost, Tiger (Female fighter from Aus) kicked the other "model" fighter's behind, fight halted at her bleeding broken nose, Malaysia's Super 4 paired up against each other,winner will STAND A CHANCE, not even guaranteed to be in the next contender asia 2 =P don't mind me, just have to laugh now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! only stayed til after Brazilian and Singaporean's fight. Singaporean lost by technical foul due to dislocated shoulder not stayin in place long enough to finish 3 full rounds.
Now ONLY in ASIA would you see a fashion show at a bloodsport event, let alone a Fashion show for MEN's UNDERWEAR!!! at an event where you would find MOST straight angry guys, here we have lil asian men trotting about in their colored whitey tidies with pineapple patterns, froggie swimming floats as accessories, necklaces and hand gloves to match the undies.(if this were to happen in the states, you would see a whole different show of G-AsWhoopin) i found that disgustingly HILARIOUS! sure enough, after the fashion show during breaktime, saw a group of gay men left right after...geesh...came all that way just to watch that...
*note, i do not have anything against homosexuals, pls do not take offense*

2 fights after the break, got tooooo hungry so left.....only to find out that we're out in the middle of no where! walked to main road to hail cabs. finally found one who agreed to take us back to mont kiara for RM30 (not tooooo bad, i was afraid of the 50s rolling out), this Sonofabiatch drove us for 2 minutes, pulls up at a Petronas Gas station with no warning, pops his hood for a water refill, turns to us and said "sorry u go find another cab, im too tired now to drive you". EXCUSE ME???? THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU PICK US UP IN THE FIRST F****** PLACE??????LEAVIN US AT A GAS STATION IN MID OF QUIET HIGHWAY AT 11:30 AT NIGHT??? After being confronted by J about not being an honourable man, if he had he would call us another cab...bla bla bla.....funny watchin a 6 foot 2 against lil taxi driver. NOW this is how we spot a coward D***, when he's being confronted, his face showed fear and confusion (HE SEEMED TO BE SO UTTERLY CONFUSED AS TO WHY WE WERE UPSET!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THE MENTALITY?), then he turns to me and gave ME a hateful glare. got in his car, sped up while mouthing "F*** YOU" to ME, not the 6 foot 2 who was in his face. HA! PATHETIC AND UTTER DISGRACE OF HIS PROFESSION.
pooh...and there i was, ready for some CabbieSmackin Action...hmm..maybe shouldnt be watchin live fights now... =P


Went over to Dad's crib in BU for some Pizza by the Pool.Though was just too damn Windy to be in that water.

Haven't had Durian in AGES! Adam finally got to eat his first durian (after much persuasion). needless to say we all Stank after...

Finally got to try Bubba Gump Shrimp(after all 6 of us had settled and ordered at a eatery in 1U and decided to just get up and go BGS instead)!!! First saw it in San Fran Cali, Then in Japan(but didnt get to eat there) now its HERE! Third time's the Charm baby! Haven't food-blogged before but i'll snap pics of my food next time =P

A RARE NIGHT OUT(for me) FOR CUZZIE CLAIRE's Birthday @ Velvet's Mambo Jambo Night.ahh, lychee martini... =)

Messin around at the CF gym with the boys the other day. still practicing on getting this damn freeze right. here's a shot of my poor attempt

im gonna get this right ya'll!!!

Trix got a Poodle Pup!She's such a cute lil furry thing! name is MISA, only 2 months old

On another hand, I'm still wanting to sell my cat. we're just not home enough to bond with her and give her the full attention that she needs. Anyone knows anyone who would be interested or knows anyone who's a cat purchasor?
5 Months Old Bengal Cat, purchased from breeder in Penang

Went to see Naughty Nastacia @ Dansing Thru Broadway. Such a beautiful performer! did some "forbided photo snapping"


Fiona-Jane said...

Waitaminute..... YOU were at Velvet?! When??!! I'm at Mambo Jambo almost every single week!!!

And wtf was up with that cabby? Sheeesh! That was awful.

(Is your boyfriend one whole FOOT taller than you? Haha! Cause I'm assuming you're about 5'2")

I love that puppy... think I'm gonna steal it.

LoLa said...

were you there this week then??? =P our table was near the bar that's next to the restrooms. didnt stay long tho if u had came later? how do you Mambo every week girl??

yeah he's over one whole FOOT taller than me dude =P aint even 5'2"

should bring the puppy over more often now, she instantly CALMED you!!

PauLiiiiiNeeeE said...

You are gonna sell your bengal kitty???????? O.o
That freakin CUTE little thing!!!!!
Should at least let me play with it first!!!! :(

LoLa said...

aww pauliiinneee, you are absolutely most more than welcome to attempt to play with her.would you want me to bring her over one day?