Monday, October 27, 2008

Very Late Update II

Ready for some real randomness? =P

Been sick for over a week now, thanks to that killer virus that's been spreading around to all mankind (no Jon not directly towards you, just the evil cat that passed it to you). Not too bad as its only the 2nd time this year, still considered to have a little stronger immune system right? o.O
So 3 of us would be hacking away, asthmatic-like coughing fits, feeling like the world's biggest poop...and what do we do for remedy?

I Had this looooovely Mint Coffee at Winter Warmers, which gave me the jolt i needed to listen to what the Dive instructor has to say. Maybe its ONLY when im sick that i actually FEEL the caffeine then...

and what do the boys have when they're sick?

awww...puppy face said...can?

2 weeks of late nights and work and pole and gym had worked them good...
Yes the boys are working now! Where at ya ask?

"Welcome to Darabif!"

Late nights consisting of? well got to check out several places, one of them be RAW. Before that i had to wait at Modestos with the boys, WHAT A SCENE! It was a joint filled with 15year olds drinking and grinding on each other(well maybe just the foreign kids, the asian ones were attempting to it seemed)! YES! these kids were SERVED bottles of Hard liquor! All i could think of was "shoot i had to use fake IDs and risk gettin busted! these kids havin it served to them!"

Joined Vee and her Bro-In-Law @ RAW after and the cocktail Sampling began! i loved my Coffee-licious one =D what was in it again? Chocolate, coffee, baileys...more chocolate and coffee...yyuuuuummmmm.

October has been a month of TOO MUCH Food Sampling! =P tried Bamboo Rice for the 1st time. it was alright, nothing to shout about. Done with Rice!

Outside Damansara Kim

Did some catching up with the Irish Aunt, pet loving with the 3 dogs 2 cats in the house and met lil Joshua (who's mom is renting a room at her house). Such an adorable energizer bunny! the 18mth old be dancing and chasing dogs around the house, sneaking over to my purse to look for the cell phone he loves throwing around and started mimicking the hump motion on my leg! Aunty and i agree, that needs to be fixed...

Caught up with Sue Yoong again for her Birthday @ the Gardens. Same day as DAD! also means --> a Day full of Sinful treats

at YO aint THAT great tho

Her lit birthday Ice Cream Treat. hahaha

DAD's Dinner was at Tony Romas. OK food, ginormous salad portion though!

Needless to say i did NOT finish this...

Stared at the "men" food while they gorged on these


Lotsa birthdays this month!


Doin our thang at Euphoria MOS


Mr "i dont do photos" =P


Night of cam-whoring @ Palate Palette

Aite Aite..this is a WHOLELOTTA Cake and Food and Alcohol... What do we do to burn and shed some guilt?

Other than some club dancing......

The Gang @ RAW Liquid Launch

The Duo invaded the DJ booth

And Club POLE dancing.....

Lita & Ophelia leadin the night @ ZanziBar

They prepped us with "tools"!

Performance and Practices...

SAMSUNG Cream Launch at BAR Club.(btw its body art on my thigh,aint no real tatt!)

The Launch in Penang's QE II Restaurant & Bar

How could we resist cam-whoring with this?

Body Art on The arms Now

Attempting this cam-in-mirror shot

POLE workshop @ Jaya One PJ,in Aid of raising funds for Assunta's Breast cancer research...

Nana, Baby G & Porche leadin it @ Jaya One

One of our volunteers who couldnt get enough

Chase our mascot MISA around the studio....

Teach Men pole til they drop...

"Desiree"'s buddies...

Give Fi Fi a cheerleading chant to use the gym in the studio...

"Go Go! off your butt!!"

Join Wade Robson's workshop....

Wade Robson Workshop @ Celebrity Fitness 1Utama

Play some late night Wii Boxing and Tennis...

Was all that worth just to eat a plate of this...?

Mee Goreng


The Boys....

"dude we eat anything that moves..."

The Girls...

*sigh* let's just capture the Evil Lead Monkey who brought us donuts...!


Nass whY said...

that's a whole lotta pictures!!!! hehehe!!!

PauLiiiiiNeeeE said...

Wow! i can see lots is happening here XD Btw, that Joshua is Evil~~~ Not cute! *( He tortures kitties O________o

LoLa said...

Nas: Yes, this should be more like pic-blogging =P

Cuzzie Paulinee: *gasp* well, the boy does do a lotta weird stuff =P

Isaac Cheah said...

Wow.. thats an incredibly long post.. and the blog looks different, somehow...