Thursday, October 9, 2008

Very Late Update - Part I

Its been a MONTH and i havent even updated blog!!
gotta work on this better dude...

September was a lovely month =) - Pole Dance competition, Surprise BD, Surprise Drunk night, Rally, First Seafood Steamboat, Pole Cutting DIY style, Project Gossip, and then came the news of Last min packing and the hanging confirmation news of moving...(yes til this day i dont even know when we're due to move because ppl out here work slower than turtles on morphine!) plus numerous blood-pressure-rising conversations with hospitals and insurance company. having a hard time breathing and regaining composure after being on the phone with them shows how deeply PISSED & FRUSTRATED & ANGRY i am with them

ANYWAY lets split this up in parts ya cause everytime i have a time slot to sit down and blog my phone decides to go off every 10 minutes. I SWEAR I AINT LYING! Someone's watching me, waiting till my ass sits comfortably on the chair to blog and sends signal to everyone to call or text me at the same time! like RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT! *rolls eyes*

forgot to post these semi-buzzed (not drunk!) pics up =P

and My lovely Birthday LOVE Pillow!!

Went to Yogi Tree Cafe to try out the food, as according to fiona, they have yummy healthy food (so cant be bad at all =P ). indeed it was very very nice! great chicken salad with guacamole salsa dressing! not a food blogger so have no idea how to take pictures of food with the right lighting and angle and bla bla bla... show ya my poor attempt at this Magherita from chillis...

Right??? =P ANYWAY, check out Yogi Tree and Tres Chic Boutique who recently partnered with Viva Vertical's "VIVA VIP" MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM! (I love their dresses!!!)

Met up with Mama Min for dinner at her favourite family restaurant - Damansara Village Steamboat with real seafood! (yes that means no imitation crab meat! =P ) i wish i have more patience in eating seafood. all that cracking with yo fingers and shell cracker and sometimes improving with a fork or your teeth... me? hopeless! i can sit there for a good 15 minutes trying to figure out which and what to crack and pull from a lobster/giant prawn looking thing while everyone is busy slurping the juicy brainy stuff twice over =P i need a shell-fish cracker....anyone?

Min's quick hands @ ridding of shells

J's hands tore it up quicker so i wouldnt sneak a bite =P

Since August itself i've been having very difficult times with the insurance company and private hospital out here. now here's a scary thought, if private hospitals were already being so difficult, i cant even imagine what public hospitals are like!?! i think i'd prob have a heard attack just from the stress of dealing with them. SERIOUSLY i should always have someone with me whenever im on the phone with these ppl JUST IN CASE =P i know i know im exaggerating but NOT ON how they're being biatches! First we have to pay for the doctor to fill up a form for insurance claim?? im sorry what??? im paying you to write a few words so i can claim what i paid for on a monthly basis at the insurance company?? FINE! but guess what, 3 f***** weeks later i get a call from the insurance company saying claim cant be approved because of blah blah blah..the doctor had stated the WRONG LIMB! and excuse mr insurance company but could have at least called us once you had received the f****** form 3 f***** weeks ago! now they're telling me i have a deadline for this claim request....... >( * Breathe....Breathe....inhale......exhale....*

Then i found a picture that helped calmed me down....

its My Mama. I miss her very much...

Met up with two of my buddies SueYoong and PooiSan from Primary 6 and Form 1 level before i left for the states.i've been back now since sept 04 and i've only met up with them like 3 times max! I'm horrible. need to really really learn how to find my way to cheras and Kuchai better =/

AIGHT yo! phone is just blowing up, cant concentrate. lets finish this post with another one of our EEEEEEK Recipes - Burger bun, Mayo, Fries, Waffle, lil bit of ice cream and ketchup. though it must have been pretty good cause Justin ate the entire thing!!

PART II of the very late update coming up! =) Peace out!!


Fiona-Jane said...

Burger bun, Mayo, Fries, Waffle, lil bit of ice cream and ketchup????? Dude that's just disgustingggggggg!!!

And oh... err... *smiles sweetly*... I have part to blame for your phone. Anytime anyone calls me for Pole Dancing, I don't even bother giving them the general information... I just give them your phone number... *blinks puppy dog eyes and smiles even more sweetly*