Monday, March 16, 2009

EmLuvinIt - HK

perhaps a sleeping schedule thats needs a lil tweeking and energy level that needs to be back up to par had resulted in the "sniffles"...

Viva Vertical's first LIVE radio interview in CANTONESE! Hope i didnt sound like a baboon with my throat clearing, sniffles and deeper-than-usual voice
To the HK peeps, hope we caught it on MetroInfo Radio Station this afternoon!

having lived in KL and Knoxville where both cities are beach-less, i crave the calm and soothing effect of nature's Wind and Water elements even more
even a harbour front helped me "ZEN" out while enjoying my MOS Burger =P

The Wind was calling out to us...reaching to we greeted the wind like this...

Do we Look like we're ready for an outdoor appreciation ad? =P

anyway, am taking my opportuniy now to blog more cause i know that chance may not be so readily available once am back in KL. so here's more to bore ya with!

i've been told i need to "calm-down" yoga or somethin so im not so "hot" ( and i mean temper ya =P ) most of the time...which only usually happens at night when my patience had reached its limit for the day =P
Fine...thought i'd do some yoga while am here and tried out Hatha Yoga for an hour.
i dont understand ppl do it 7AM in the morning. my muscles aint even warm yet for all that stretching movements!
Perhaps i should study more on WHICH type of Yoga to do in the morning....meditation may not work as i'd end up falling asleep in class. come to think of it, perhaps being sleepy helps you "float" while you "meditate"...hence the calming effect. argh dont mind blaberring, dosed up with cold medication (yes i managed to catch me a cold with a change of climate here as well)
So...what do Viva Poleleaders do instead of Yoga for some slow controlled mind focused movements? --> TAI CHI

that would be me shivering my arse off with lack of thick clothing to combat brutal morning wind

Here are the pros demo-ing. i do wonder how old they are...but its impolite to ask... =P

how to warm up the body after tai chi? some good ol chinese porridge with "yow tiu" =D malaysians call it "yow zha guai". this is some awesome "yow tiu"! the best i've ever had!! YUMMMMMMM

alright. i now must stop blogging because my laptop battery is about to run out PLUS i need to get my butt to Central to visit an old buddy! woot woot!!

Stay tuned as next blog i'll update ya'll on our Day-O-Fun with Pole Goddess Symone and Vee and I "attacking" well....fine ...not exactly attacking but marking "Viva Been Here" with poles around town

Peace and Love to ma pole peeps and mi familia!


sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

Nass whY said...

let's do yoga together babes!!! i need a yoga buddy!

LoLa said...

LOL! where shall we do yoga at yo?
you know what! they have yoga-taichi here! =D