Sunday, March 22, 2009

The other side

What's the first thing you think of when we say Hong Kong?
Perhaps something like this?

filled with yummies like this?

(personally we think Goose Rice is overrated)

Instead, the best part of HK so far was Vee and I taking a trip out to visit HK Pole Goddess Symone C! Who lives like 3 mins away from this:

Symone's sweet partner Jose made a lovely meal to fuel us after our Death-Lays attempts! *check FB page for pics!*
needless to say we had to attempt a TRIO on the pole:

As messy and noisy and crowded as HK seems, my time here had been calming to the soul, eventful and had a great experience at AFEEX with the knowledge that the international presenters had generously shared with the us.

AFEEX Updates

Viva Vertical participation and presenting Pole Fitness at the Asian Fitness Education Expo (AFEEX) of 2009 in HONG KONG,organized by AASFP and supported by REPs

*more pics will be uploaded on FB ;) *

my flight back to KL is due tomorrow.
i believe i'll have better focus now with 2 weeks "migrane"-free and phone going off every 10mins and NO DRIVING!

Aight KL peeps, see ya'll in HOT SUNNY KL very soon!