Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sanity...saved by the plane

Several days before my long awaited flight to HK, i experienced something for the first time - xtreme "tight" headaches that naggingly lasted an entire day even, cloudiness in thoughts, desensitized in emotions i "should" be feeling, slowness in actions, fatigue and less energy for road rage =P wuahahah, the last point should be more beneficial actually. though all the while, staying upbeat and keeping positive thoughts on exploration of a different country and culture becomes MORE important than keep my sanity!

Arrived in HK (Finally!), stepping into this blasting windy city had literally swept my headaches away, well suspected it could be migranes which i reaaaally hope NOT!
lugging that golfbag and luggage around proved to be quite a workout in a supremely crowded joint, kudos to Vee who's does this on a regular basis!

First night of arrival i managed to sweat like a pig in this cold weather (i know, soooo attractive right! =P ) testing out 3 octopus stages in a small room while chugging down some good ol' orange juice. Next night was first exposure to HK's club scene at the "Libre De Danser" event Viva Vertical had sponsored, pole performance by Sky Tao. Caught up with HK's "pole goddess" Symone and met quite a gang of polers around

Thursday was spent with lots of walking...and i mean, LOTS! constantly refueling with bananas, apples, PB & J sandwich, egg tart, tou fu fa and our food splurge of the day "won ton mee" (yes we're on a budget!)
Ladies Night (almost EVERYWHERE) - in a nutshell, there was bar/club hopping, champagne, tequila, cosmos, magherita and more champagne, live band, pole, DJ equipement exploration and McDonalds. needless to say i woke with my first ever,yes first EVER!! "hangover" about noontime.

Have some time now to upload photos, especially the ones from weeks before (sorry for delay!) so please do check them out on Facebook and join Viva Vertical group.

Oddly, things seem calmer in this bustling joint...but of course thats because Malaysia is constantly bustling with Viva Activity! =) regardless of the busy-ness, i still miss it...i'm sure Vee does too ;)

the calming times includes walks out of the main city, like when we went in search of rock walls to climb! =P

also time in those MTR trains and the occasional coffee breaks at our newly discovered FREE and unlimited wifi joing called H-TEA-O. good soup! =P
i do miss my brothers...
i do wonder how they are doing while im away for 2 weeks...
the simple things like lunch packing and organizing daily schedules..
good thing andrew's independant enough to at least cooks his own meals...
(no Adam, Maggie Mee is NOT cooking =P )
i do wonder if i "mother" too much, now that im away, i can see how it drives my mom crazy with her babies being on the other side of the world

I miss you brothers!